The Billing module lets you create invoices and subscriptions for your clients, and gives your clients the ability to pay via credit card and ACH, update their payment information, and easily see past invoices. In order to use the Billing module, you need to connect your bank or Stripe account.

Internal User experience



You can create invoices by clicking on the New button on the Invoices page. On the invoice creation page you can:

  • Select a client
  • Add line items; each with a price and quantity
  • Add taxes
  • Set the due date
  • Add a memo
  • Add any attachments (hourly breakdowns etc.)

Invoices can have the following states:

  • Draft → Invoice can still be edited and the client cannot see it. Click on the Actions menu and then Send invoice to finalize it.
  • Open → Client can see the invoice and pay.
  • Paid → Invoice has been paid.
  • Void → Invoice has been marked void.


Subscriptions are recurring invoices. You can create subscriptions by clicking on the New button on the Subscriptions page. On the subscription creation page you can:

  • Select a client
  • Add line items; each with a price and quantity
  • Add taxes
  • Add a memo
  • Add any attachments (hourly breakdowns etc.)
  • Set the billing period (30 days, 60 days, etc.)
  • Choose between Charge Automatically and Invoice each period

Subscriptions can have the following states:

  • Active → Subscription is active
  • Cancelled → Subscription is not active.


For both invoices and subscriptions, beside the new button you can click the dropdown to access existing templates or to create new ones.


Invoices are automatically branded and use your primary color, name, and logos. These can be setup on Settings/Customization. While we don't have a Preview button, if you'd like to see what an invoice looks like, you can create an invoice, mark it paid (this action is available for draft invoices), and then download it.

Client user experience


Billing page

Clients can see all invoices on the billing page. If there are any unpaid invoices, there is a sticky notification in the product. In addition, any unpaid invoice will have a Pay button in the actions column.

Email notifications

Client will receive an email notification if they are assigned an open invoice. If they click the link on the invoice they are directly taken to the payment modal.

Payment modal

On the payment modal, clients can choose between paying with their credit card and ACH. After the first payment is made, client payment information is safely secured so that the next payment experience is even faster.


Do you have any integrations?

Yes, if you have a Stripe account we let you connect it. Stripe is our payment processor. We're also actively working on QuickBooks and Xero integrations but they are not ready yet.

Do you charge any payment fees?

We don't add any payment fees and only pass on Stripe's fees. When you client pays for an invoice they can choose between credit card and ACH, and each option clearly indicates the associated fees. Credit card processing incurs a 3.1% fee and ACH processing incurs a fee equal to the lesser of $5 or 1%.

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