The CRM is the heart of your Portal. On this page you can see all your clients, their status, and invite new ones.

Creating your first client

Before you invite your first real client, we recommend you navigate to the CRM and add yourself as a client using another email. By doing this test run, you can familiarize yourself with the process of inviting clients and see what the experience looks like for a client when they sign in.


Remember that in a browser session only one user can be logged into your portal at once. So if you add yourself as a client, you need to accept that invite in an incognito window.

Client Details page

You can click on a client to see the Client Details page, which is a central view that lets you see all important information associated with the client (messages, files, invoices, form responses, etc.).

Client creation

There are 2 ways that clients can be created in your portal.

  1. Invitation: As an internal user, you can go to the CRM page and invite a client. After you send an invitation, the client will receive an email to finish setting up their account.
  2. Direct sign up: When you create a portal, your portal will be hosted on a URL like test.joinportal.com. When someone visits this page (and is not signed in) they will have the ability to log in or create an account. If they go through the direct sign up flow, that client will show in your CRM just like someone who you have invited.

You can turn off client direct sign up under Settings / General.

Lead and Visibility

Every client on the CRM has 1 internal user assigned as the lead and 1 or more internal users assigned under Visibility. Admins can change the lead or visibility for a client by clicking on the field.

  1. Lead: The lead is the person on your team that is primarily responsible for the client. For the most part, this field exists to make it easy to see who is responsible for what clients. When you select someone as a lead, they are automatically added under Visibility as well.
  2. Visibility: The team members listed under visibility can see the client in the CRM and see all their associated information across the Portal modules (messages, files, invoices, etc.).
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