Custom domains

Custom domains help elevate your brand to existing clients and new leads.

I don't own a domain yet

We recommend you use Namecheap to purchase a domain. Domains typically cost <$10/yr so they are highly affordable.

I already have a domain

If you already own a domain that you want to use, there are 2 possible scenarios.

Scenario 1 - I use the Portal website builder

In this scenario we are going to setup your domain so that we automatically switch between showing your portal and marketing website. For example, if you own agency123.com, then a visitor (who is not logged in) will see the marketing websiteand a client user (who is logged in) will see your custom portal.

Scenario 2 - I use another website

In this scenario we are only going to setup a subdomain. For example, if you own agency123.com, then a visitor (who is not logged in) will always see the marketing website you have setup. After they login, they will be redirected to portal.agency123.com (the term "portal" can be swapped with anything else during the custom domain setup). Likewise, when the user logs out they will be directed back to the landing page.

Connect the domain

To connect your domain, navigate to Settings/Domains. Here you can enter your information and registrar, and we automatically generate the values you have to enter on your registrar website. Sometimes it can take a few days for everything to update, so please be patient. If you already have active clients and are connecting a custom domain you don't need to worry. Only once the domain setup is successful all old links will automatically redirect to your custom domain.

Have a question? Contact us or schedule a support call anytime.