Files & eSignatures

The Files module makes it easy for you and your clients to share files and complete eSignature requests.

File sharing


File sharing basics

As soon as a client is created, on the Files page you will see a dedicated files channel for the client. Your team can add files and your client can as well. Both parties always see the exact same thing. Drag-and-drop is also fully supported.

When you click the New button in the top-right you can:

  • Upload file (you can also drag & drop)
  • Add a link
  • Create a folder

When you click the Actions button on a file (the 3 dots on the right) you can:

  • Download
  • Preview
  • Rename
  • Delete


In the sidebar, you and your clients will see a notification when new files have been added. This notification goes away when the files are viewed. In addition, we send out an email notification when appropriate that contain the names of files that have been added.


Email notifications are sent 5 minutes after new files have been added and only if the notification is not viewed in that 5 minute period. This ensures your clients don't receive unnecessary email.


eSignatures basics

eSignatures are part of the Files module but require a Plus subscription. Here is how eSignatures work in your portal:

  1. Internal user uploads a PDF file.
  2. Internal user goes on the PDF's actions menu and selects eSignature request.
  3. Internal user eSign flow.
    1. Add your own blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
    2. Add your client's blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
    3. Internal user confirms.
  4. Client gets an in-product notification and email notification notifying them that there is an eSignature request.
    1. Client submits their information.
    2. Client confirms
  5. Both parties get an email and in-product notification confirming that the eSignature request is completed. The PDF document now has a green circle in front of it (indicating that the document has been eSigned) and downloading or previewing the document will show an audit trail page at the end.


Can I create a files channel with multiple clients?

You can create a files channel with multiple clients but all the clients must be assigned to the same company. This is privacy precaution put in place so that you don't accidentally shares the same files with clients at multiple companies.

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