The Messaging module makes it easy for you and your clients to communicate in your portal.

Messaging basics


Channel creation

When a client user signs in for the first time, a conversation is automatically created and the client is created by a welcome message that can be customized in Settings/Messaging. The welcome message is the first impression your clients get when they log in the first time. So we encourage you to personalize this message - you can introduce yourself, your firm, explain how your portal is to be used, and more.


If you want to prevent the standard welcome message from being sent, you can invite a user, go to Messages, create a channel with the client, and send a message before they log in for the first time. This cancels the welcome message.


In the sidebar, you and your clients will always see a notification when there are unread messages. In addition, we send out email notifications when appropriate that contain the most recent message and a button that brings people right back into the messaging experience. Users do not have to authenticate again unless they are on a new device.


Email notifications are sent 5 minutes after you send someone a message and only if the message is not viewed in that 5 minute period. This ensures your clients don't receive unnecessary email.


Can I create a conversation with multiple clients?

You can create a conversation with multiple clients but all the clients must be assigned to the same company. This is privacy precaution put in place so that you don't accidentally start a conversation with clients that don't know each other.

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